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What professions use Caspen?

Popular health care professions that use Caspen.
Physiotherapy (also known as physical therapy) clinics highly value using progress notes that include body diagrams for annotation.
Caspen provides chiropractic clinics with a system that efficiently schedules appointments and securely stores diagnostic images and MRIs in one seamless process.
Caspen helps counselling practices streamline administration and focus on client care with efficient, cloud-based management software.
Dietetic practices leverage Caspen's features to excel by meticulously documenting client progress and ensuring precise payment tracking for seamless financial management.
Massage therapy clinics enhance client service and operational efficiency through Caspen by facilitating online booking, digital treatment logging, and easy follow-up arrangements.
Osteopathy clinics enhance patient care and engagement by customizing documentation templates and automating communication for follow-ups.
Psychologists benefit from Caspen secure data handling, streamlined session note-taking, and customizable note templates for efficient documentation.
Podiatry clinics enhance patient care and operational efficiency with Caspen, enabling updates to records from anywhere through its mobile-accessible system.
Effortlessly link up with family contacts and seamlessly kickstart telehealth appointments directly through Caspen's innovative speech therapy clinics module.
After every visit to our naturopathy clinics, detailed notes are automatically logged, securely stored alongside the client's data and full history, ensuring seamless access for future reference through Caspen's advanced features.
Optimise client progress with Caspen's seamless session management and comprehensive progress tracking, ensuring maximum results with ease.
Streamline your acupuncture practice with Caspen's intuitive tools, effortlessly organising clients and ensuring seamless management for an optimised workflow.
Mental health specialists find Caspen invaluable for its secure data handling, streamlined session note-taking, and customizable note templates, empowering them to focus on client care.
Maximise clinic efficiency with Caspen's integrated reminders, notes, online bookings, invoicing, and marketing, simplifying practice management for therapists.
Efficiently manage your nutritionist practice with Caspen's integrated client notes, online bookings, billing, and marketing tools, designed to streamline operations for dietitians.
At homeopathic clinics, leverage Caspen's versatile appointment options to seamlessly offer both services and product sales, accommodating diverse client needs and preferences.
Keep records current on-the-go at social work clinics with Caspen's mobile capabilities, enabling seamless management of multiple locations for streamlined operations.
Update client notes from any location with speed and ease at OT clinics, leveraging Caspen's capabilities for efficient and timely documentation, ultimately enhancing client care.
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Beyond our most sought-after health care professions, Caspen stands as the premier clinic management software for a diverse range of other fields, including medical specialists, skin care clinics, Pilates studios, multidisciplinary clinics, among others.
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